TWLOHA Podcast: Life Can Still Happen Even In The Darkest Places

In this episode, we talk with Morgan Harper Nichols, Whitney Wilson, and Stephan Monteserin about their experience living with depression. They talk about the early days when they were first struggling, how they found help, and what gives them hope today. We also talked to licensed mental health counselor Aaron Moore about the stigma surrounding depression and why it’s so important to ignore those lies and get the help you deserve.

5 Thoughts For Those Struggling With Depression (Or Life)

Aaron has written a post for Pick The Brain about struggling with depression. You can read it here.

There is an old quote attributed to the writer Henry James where he tells his nephew Willie, ‘There are three important things in human life. The first is to be kind. The second, is to be kind. The third, is to be kind.’ When I first read James words, they resonated with me perhaps as they do with you, since there are few things more powerful than kindness in our world, and definitely few things more needed, especially for us as individuals.

Challenging Stigma

Aaron has a featured blog on the To Write Love On Her Arms website about the stigma of mental health issues. You can read it here.

If TWLOHA were to update a status for this week, it would read that we feel “hopeful.” Much preparation has gone into 2013’s National Suicide Prevention Week, as it is a unique opportunity to address a topic so often neglected in our world. This week never ceases to be something beautiful, a chance to fight for the lives of loved ones, strangers, maybe even ourselves. At the same time, however, this week can feel like a necessary evil for many of us. It may remind us of those we’ve lost or of our own struggles. In this way, National Suicide Prevention Week is something we wish we did not need, but sadly, we have great reason to engage in. Which is why many organizations and groups are using this time to focus on the stigma and shame that keep these important conversations from happening.