Solace Counseling was founded by Aaron and Michelle Moore to be a place of comfort and relief, offering both hope and help when life is difficult.  For many of us, life is often difficult.  Whether it is addiction, depression, anxiety, relationships, or just the pains of life and growing up, there are man different struggles we may find ourselves in over our lifetime.  Counseling is meant to be a place where we are able to walk through these struggles and find both real hope and practical help.  We work with adults and adolescents not just to relieve pain, but to find fulfillment and balance in life as a whole.  Each of us at Solace come from a Christian faith and perspective, which informs our desire to care for and encourage those we work with towards health, wholeness, and stability.  Regardless of what specifics of faith we may or may not have in common, our hope is to offer a safe and helpful place to find some helpful healing and relief from life’s struggles.  For a list of services we provide, click here.