May 4-6, 2017

*Our last two retreats in September and January were powerful experiences, and we are really looking forward to the next one!  The retreat does not require any previous level of experience diving, and will be an impactful time regardless of your level of expertise. Check out the details below, and let me know if you have any questions!

Sometimes we need a challenge.  We need to get outside and learn something new, to feel alive again and breathe deeply.  It is often through these experiences that we grow, becoming better men, husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and friends.  Join us this fall as we take a few days to meet some challenges and grow together. May 4-6, Aaron will be leading a retreat for a small group (8) of men to Branford, Florida, where we will be taking a Freediver Level 1 course with one of the best world’s best free divers and spearfisherman, John Dornellas, teaching the course for us.

If you are thinking that there is no way you can do this, YES YOU CAN.

Whether you are a complete novice or experienced diver, this course will be a great experience and challenge for everyone.  After the course is through each day, we will spend some time over dinner and each evening discussing some of the challenges and victories of the day, as well as in the rest of our stories.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know at  If you would like to sign up, let me know ASAP as spots are limited. If you cannot make it this time but are interested, please let me know as we will be planning other trips in the future.



We will be staying together in a house in Branford, Fl.  The property has a small private spring, and we will also be diving at Peacock Springs as well as Troy Spring State Park.  

The retreat will start with dinner at 7pm on the night of the 4th, and we will conclude by 5pm on the evening of the 6th.

Aaron Moore, LMHC will be leading the overall retreat, and our freediving instructor for the retreat will be John Dornellas.  He is a world renowned freediver, instructor, spearfisherman, and sailor.  We really are fortunate to have him share his expertise with us.  You can learn more about him at, and definitely check out his instagram @Ibreathewater.

The cost is $750, which includes all group aspects of the retreat, diving instruction, lodging, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, etc.

Why freediving?

Many reasons! For one, we believe in the power of being outdoors and in nature, especially in water. The environment itself has a powerful effect on us emotionally, as well as the physiology of our brains and bodies.

Freediving is a challenge, and we need to be challenged.  Specifically, it is a challenge that requires us to learn how to control out thoughts, our fears, our anxieties, and even our heart rates. In learning how to breathe deep, to find stillness and calm, we learn how to regulate aspects of our nervous system. The skills and experience we gain through the freediving course applies strongly to the rest of our lives. We believe in doing the course as a retreat because it helps us break out of the norm and get away for a few days, to decompress and breathe deeper, and to experience the challenge and the growth together.  

Below is a brief description of the course:


Whether a complete beginner or an informally trained freediver/spearfisherman with years of experience, this course will set you on the right path to eliminate bad habits and show you the most efficient and safe freedive techniques.

During this course, students master the fundamentals of the FII education system in an easy-to-learn course format operating between the classroom, pool, and open water setting. With a high emphasis on safety and comfort, students master the proper skills to effectively operate up to depths of 66 feet/20 meters.

The equipment needed is a wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel, and weight belt (with weights).

For more technical info, you can visit

For any further questions, or to sign up, contact Aaron at or 407-574-8056